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It will come as no surprise to my clients, friends and pretty much anyone remotely interested in horses that I meet on the street - I'm helping to plan a big event.  And I probably haven't hidden my enthusiasm for it very well.  That said, I want to share with you some of the things that have me bursting at the seams. 
Dare I call it an orgy of my passions?  Or will that gain me a triple x on some rating scale?  My inspirations and partners in crime on this project are the first reason I'm excited. 
Next my driving force for aspiring to this notion of a healthy, conscious equestrian community are the non profit organizations providing equine experiences.  In my travels as an equine bodyworker I have noticed the need that they fulfill. One of the cornerstones of a healthy community is its charitable contribution to society as a whole.  Within the mission of this Open House is connecting  you not only with the pathways to your horse's and your own health, but also to ways that improve the health of the community. 
Our local charitable organizations perennially suffer a lack of volunteer effort from experienced horse people. We hope to provide opportunities to remedy that. It may be surprising what a huge step this work can be toward your life's balance. 
What is your favorite non profit organization that could use helpers with "horse sense"?  I would love to compile a database for my own records so I can refer clients in each geographic area I service to local possibilities.  If you don't choose to post in the comments below, come visit me at my booth during the Open House on May 10th to speak with me in person.  Hope to see you there.    
<![CDATA[Welcome!]]>Wed, 26 Mar 2014 02:16:52 GMThttp://www.h2hpractices.com/home/welcome    It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you my latest tool of information dissemination, my blog. I hope to instill in you a desire to educate yourselves in the principles of holistic self-care and health maintenance as well as the resources to seek professional guidance when necessary.
    With a minimally invasive approach I feel I have improved my own health and that of my animals. Applied to the land I steward, my own and the properties where I volunteer my time with the Master Gardener Volunteer Program, this principle uses sustainable practices to produce healthy food and vibrant landscapes, which in turn improves the triad of health; mind, body and spirit.

        Join me as I recollect past experience, revel in the moment and anticipate future joy in blog form. If you enjoy my posts or want to hear more about anything I mention in passing, please comment and I will attempt to elaborate when possible.